About Kingdom City, Missouri


Kingdom City is a village in Callaway County, Missouri, United States. It is part of the Jefferson City Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population is 148. It is at the intersection of Interstate 70 (concurrent with U.S. Route 40) and U.S. Route 54. Considering Kingdom City's location, it is quite transient. Some 50,000 + vehicles pass through Kingdom City on Interstate 70 alone in one day.


There are several reasons why travelers stop in Kingdom City, Missouri. It is a great place to live and a great place to stop if you're passing through. Kingdom City has an abundance of fuel stations, travel centers, dog park, motels/hotels, nostalgic stores, bank, US Post Office, North Callaway High School/NC District Admin Office, car wash, truck wash, huge carpet/flooring warehouse store, City Hall, numerous fast food and sit down restaurants. Kingdom City is also home to the Firefighters Memorial of Missouri located on Dunn Drive.


Kingdom City's Mid-Missouri location at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Highway 54, makes trips easy to several locations.


  • Fulton, MO (Callaway County Seat) - 7 miles

  • Columbia, MO (University of Missouri) - 20 miles

  • Jefferson City, MO (State Capital) - 30 miles

  • St.Louis, MO - 100 miles

  • Kansas City, MO - 147 miles

  • Branson, MO - 204 miles

  • Memphis, TN- 372 miles

  • Chicago, IL - 392 miles




Missouri Rural Water Association 2016 Drinking

Water System of the Year


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